[Human immunodeficiency virus infection associated with tuberculosis].

  title={[Human immunodeficiency virus infection associated with tuberculosis].},
  author={R M Musella and Jorge P Castagnino and Lothar Weber and M. C. Boxaca and Mercedes C. Weissenbacher and Ernesto Abbate and L J Gonz{\'a}lez Montaner},
  volume={50 1},
In order to detect an association between HIV infection and tuberculosis (TB), 130 TB inpatients were studied one of whom presented a pulmonary disease due to Mycobacterium avium intracellulare. All had advanced TB, 95.4%, with pulmonary localization. Serum anti-HIV antibodies were detected by ELISA and their presence confirmed by immunoblotting in 4 (3.1%) individuals, three males and one female, with different degrees of pulmonary TB. Of the males, 1 was bisexual, 2 were promiscuous, and the… CONTINUE READING