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[Human helminthiasis at the Gauls].

  title={[Human helminthiasis at the Gauls].},
  author={J. J. Rousset and Claude H{\'e}ron and P Metrot},
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It was possible to realize a salvaging in urgency in a building site into the enclosure of the Hôpital Avicenne in Bobigny (seine-Saint-Denis). Into ditches, traces of a native farm from the second century AC, near miscellaneous objects (pots, hatchets, fibules, pieces) was found twelve skeletons. In the ground, extracted between the wings of ilium of an adult skeleton, with an appropriated technical, it was possible to find eggs of Trichuris trichiura and a lot of eggs of Ascaris lumbrocoides… 

Human parasites in the Roman World: health consequences of conquering an empire

Despite their large multi-seat public latrines with washing facilities, sewer systems, sanitation legislation, fountains and piped drinking water from aqueducts, the widespread presence of whipworm, roundworm and Entamoeba histolytica that causes dysentery is seen.

Evolutionary History of Terrestrial Pathogens and Endoparasites as Revealed in Fossils and Subfossils

Fossils, those that can be C14 dated (roughly under 50,000 years) and are identified by morphology as well as molecular and immunological techniques, provide time periods when humans became infected with various diseases.

Human intestinal parasites in the past: new findings and a review.

According to the findings, it is probable that A. lumbricoides was originally a human parasite and alternative routes for human parasite introduction into the Americas are discussed.