[Home accidents associated with anosmia].

  title={[Home accidents associated with anosmia].},
  author={Pierre Bonfils and Patrick Faulcon and Laurent Tavernier and Nicolas A. Bonfils and David Malinvaud},
  journal={Presse medicale},
  volume={37 5 Pt 1},
OBJECTIVE To assess the risk of home accidents related to severe hyposmia. METHODS A questionnaire, completed by 57 hyposmic patients and 49 control subjects with a normal sense of smell, asked about four specific types of olfactory-related home accidents: undetected fires, undetected gas leaks, consumption of spoiled food, and incidents of food burning. Level of olfactory function was determined by olfactory testing (Biolfa). RESULTS Olfactory testing revealed that 60% of the patients were… CONTINUE READING