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[Hohmann's operation in the treatment of humeral epitrochleitis].

  title={[Hohmann's operation in the treatment of humeral epitrochleitis].},
  author={Arlene M. Fiore and Paolo Cabitza and A Corradi and Sandro Orlandi},
  journal={Archivio per le scienze mediche},
  volume={140 4},
7 cases of epicondylitis surgically treated by a Hohmann operation and perforations were checked. These were the only cases of epicondylitis to be operated at the G. Pini Orthopaedic Institute, Milan, over a decade. Careful evaluation of the results showed complete success in all cases. The association of the Hohmann operation and perforations is therefore to be recommended in the rare forms of epicondylitis which do not respond to nonsurgical treatment. 

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