[Histological study on the arterial wall of Göttingen miniature swine].

  title={[Histological study on the arterial wall of G{\"o}ttingen miniature swine].},
  author={Manabu Tanigawa and Junko Adachi and Kazuo Mochizuki},
  journal={Jikken dobutsu. Experimental animals},
  volume={35 1},
In order to clarify the histological aspects of arterial walls of miniature swine, 41 arterial segments removed from each of 17 Göttingen miniature swines/csk at 6-12 months after birth were examined by light microscopy. Every segment was classified into three types--elastic, transitional, and muscular--according to its histological architecture. Each type was identified on the basis of relative volume and disposition of elastic tissues, collagenous fibers, and smooth muscles in three coats… CONTINUE READING