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[Histological endometrial changes in cows with latent endometritis].

  title={[Histological endometrial changes in cows with latent endometritis].},
  author={I. Dzhurova and G. Gŭlŭbinov},
  journal={Veterinarno-meditsinski nauki},
  volume={18 10},
Histologic studies were carried out through biopsy of the endometrium of 61 barren cows. The animals showed no visible clinical signs of a disease of the genital organs. With the method used with cows affected with latent endometritis there were in 57.37 per cent of the cases degenerative and inflammatory changes (49.18 per cent of the diseased animals were with chronic catarrhal endometritis, and 8.19 per cent had atrophic endometritis), and 42.62 per cent showed no changes in the endometrium… Expand
Uterine infection in buffalo cows: a review.
Postpartum uterine infection in cattle.
  • O. I. Azawi
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Animal reproduction science
  • 2008