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[High specific PCR identification of Bungarus multicinctus and its adulterants].

  title={[High specific PCR identification of Bungarus multicinctus and its adulterants].},
  author={Cheng-qiang Feng and Xiao-jing Tang and Lu‐qi Huang and Zhong-zhi Qian and Ji Zhang and Guanghong Cui},
  journal={Zhongguo Zhong yao za zhi = Zhongguo zhongyao zazhi = China journal of Chinese materia medica},
  volume={31 13},
OBJECTIVE To develop a convenient and effective method for the identification of Bungarus multicinctus. METHOD Based on the sequence of Cyt b gene fragment of B. multicinctus and its adulterants, a pair of highly specific primer (HJL- and HJH-) were designed for distinguishing B. ulticinctus from other species of snake. To establish specific PCR reaction condition, the primers were employed to amplify the DNA templates extracted from B. multicinctus and 6 other species of snake, under… 

DNA Barcode-Based PCR-RFLP and Diagnostic PCR for Authentication of Jinqian Baihua She (Bungarus Parvus)

The results demonstrated that barcode-based PCR-RFLP and diagnostic PCR both allowed effective and accurate authentication of JBS.

Cytochrome C oxidase subunit I barcodes provide an efficient tool for Jinqian Baihua She (Bungarus parvus) authentication

Testing the feasibility of DNA barcoding for accurate identification of Jinqian Baihua She and its adulterants found it effective and accurate means for JBS identification and authentication.

Development and evaluation of a DNA detection Kit on Identification of Agkistrodon Authenticity Based on Bioinformatics

The developed DNA kit was accurate, effective in identification of Agkistrodon, compared with the Pharmacopoeia method, and proved effective after repeated freezing and thawing 20 times.

Homogeneous fluorescent specific PCR for the authentication of medicinal snakes using cationic conjugated polymers

A label-free, homogenous and sensitive one-step method for the molecular authentication of medicinal snakes has been developed by combining a rapid PCR technique with water-soluble cationic

Snake Venom Detection Kit (SVDK): Update on Current Aspects and Challenges

Existing techniques of snake venom detection in current use are summarized, especially their advantages and disadvantages, and the present challenges to the development and application of SVDK for successful clinical usage in the future are discussed.

Overview of the quality standard research of traditional Chinese medicine

The progress of the development and the current status of quality standard as well as new quality control techniques introduced in Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2010 edition), such as liquid chromatography hyphenated mass spectrometry (LC-MS), fingerprint, quantitative analysis of multicomponents by single-marker (QAMS), thin layer chromatography bio-autographic assay (TLC-BAA), and DNA molecular marker technique, are overviewed.