[Heterogenicity of the response to chemotherapy in plasmablastic myeloma].

  title={[Heterogenicity of the response to chemotherapy in plasmablastic myeloma].},
  author={Bernard Paule and Jeanine Quillard and M Sheldon Bisson and P Massias},
  journal={Nouvelle revue francaise d'hematologie},
  volume={29 6},
Several recent studies have identified in multiple myeloma a plasmablastic subgroup characterized by its very sombre prognostic. We report the results of treatment in 10 high risk patients with plasmablastic myeloma stage IIIA in the Durie and Salmon classification, stage III in the Bartl classification (tumoral mass greater than 50%). The median survival of the 10 patients was 8 months. These patients, who were resistant to melphalan-prednisone (M-P) or to VMCP in conventional doses, fell into… CONTINUE READING