[Hepatoprotective properties of liproxol].

  title={[Hepatoprotective properties of liproxol].},
  author={A. S. Saratikov and Iu A Litvinenko and Valentina N. Burkova and A. I. Vengerovskii and V. S. Chuchalin},
  journal={Eksperimental'naia i klinicheskaia farmakologiia},
  volume={65 2},
The experiments on rats with a model toxic liver damage (tetrachloromethane hepatitis) showed evidence of a high hepatoprotector activity of liproxol, representing a combination of eplir and lokhein mixed in a 1-12 ratio. Liproxol inhibits lipid peroxidation, stimulates the excretory and detoxicant functions of liver, reduces hyperfermentation, and… CONTINUE READING