[Hepatitis and coagulopathy secondary to neonatal enteroviral infection].

  title={[Hepatitis and coagulopathy secondary to neonatal enteroviral infection].},
  author={Ana C P{\'e}rez and Virginia Soler Vigil and Silvina Giannivelli and Alejandra L{\'o}pez Guinea and Rosa P{\'e}rez-Piaya Moreno},
  journal={Archivos argentinos de pediatria},
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Enteroviruses cause a wide spectrum of clinical manifestations in neonates, from asymptomatic infection to severe and fulminant, sometimes fatal disease. A septic disease is the clinical manifestation of one fourth of the cases in neonates, with multiorganic affection. Hepatitis and coagulopathy are related to bad prognosis, generally associated to catastrophic hemorrhages. In those cases, an aggressive support therapy and correct administration of platelet and clotting factor replacement is… CONTINUE READING