[Hepatitis G virus in blood donors].

  title={[Hepatitis G virus in blood donors].},
  author={P Moncharmont and Philippe Merle and J D{\'e}gottex and Sylvie Radenne and Dominique Rigal and Christian Tr{\'e}po},
  journal={Presse medicale},
  volume={28 6},
PURPOSE Anti-hepatitis C virus (HCV) antibodies (Abs) screening on blood donors has been introduced in France on March 1st, 1990. During the last years, a new agent named Hepatitis G Virus (HGV) has been described. We have tested different groups of blood donors with the aim of establishing the prevalence of the HGV. METHODS Two hundred and forty-three donors negative for anti-HCV Abs, other viral markers and with normal Alanine Amino Transferase (ALT) as control [group 1], 91 with elevated… CONTINUE READING

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