[Hepatic tuberculosis of the pseudotumoral form].

  title={[Hepatic tuberculosis of the pseudotumoral form].},
  author={Malick Diouf and Daouda Dia and El Hadji Fary Ka and Boucar Diouf and Mouhamadou Mbengue and Th{\'e}r{\`e}se Moreira-Diop},
  journal={Dakar medical},
  volume={44 1},
The authors report a case of a 30 years old immunocompetent woman with liver tuberculosis with an unusual pseudotumoral presentation and secondary occurrence of abcedation with cutaneous fistulization. The diagnosis was based on the bacteriological positivity for acido-alcoolo resistant bacillus in pus of the abscess obtained by ponction guided by ultrasonographic examination. The authors emphasize in the differential diagnosis with the other causes of liver abscess (amibiasis and pyogenic… CONTINUE READING
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