[Hemosuccus pancreaticus - rare complication of chronic pancreatitis].

  title={[Hemosuccus pancreaticus - rare complication of chronic pancreatitis].},
  author={Igor {\vS}turd{\'i}k and Martin Ku{\vz}ma and Zuzana Ku{\vz}mov{\'a} and Tom{\'a}{\vs} Koller and Vladim{\'i}r Javorka and Tibor Hlavat{\'y} and Juraj Payer},
  journal={Vnitrni lekarstvi},
  volume={62 10},
Hemosuccus pancreaticus is a rare cause of upper digestive tract bleeding, it is hemorrhage to the pancreatic duct. A case report is about 56-years old man who was repeatedly hospitalized and suffered from melena and enterorrhagia during 3 years. Imaging studies did not clearly identified etiology of bleeding or source of hemorrhage was wrong identified… CONTINUE READING