[Hemoglobin E: report of the first 2 cases in French subjects].

  title={[Hemoglobin E: report of the first 2 cases in French subjects].},
  author={M. L. North and I. Duwig and Pietro Delva and C Metzinger and G{\'e}rard Dine and J Dupoirieux and E Alessandri and R Genneret},
  journal={Revue francaise de transfusion et immuno-hematologie},
  volume={27 1},
Hemoglobin E has been discovered casually in the blood of two French donors: one coming from the Alsace region, the other one coming from the Champagne region. In the two cases, the hemoglobin E is in an heterozygote state and takes the place of 33 per cent of the total haemoglobin in the first and 24 per cent in the second. We investigated in their families and found that other members of these families had hemoglobin E. Each time, it was associated with a microcytosis and polycythaemia… CONTINUE READING