[Hearing ability after cholesteatoma surgery].

  title={[Hearing ability after cholesteatoma surgery].},
  author={H. G. Kempf and Claudia Moeckel and Klaus Jahnke},
  journal={Laryngo- rhino- otologie},
  volume={69 12},
Five years after cholesteatoma surgery (primary operation in 1981 and 1982) we examined 112 patients to determine the hearing and clinical results in follow-up. In 12 (10.7%) patients Cholesteatoma recurred. During the period of follow-up 28 (25%) ears underwent second surgery. Comparing the open (50.9%) with the closed (49.1%) technique a better air bone gap was gained for the closed technique procedures. This was confirmed when the different types of tympanoplasty were compared between the… CONTINUE READING