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  • Published in Reumatismo 2009

[Headache in Behçet's disease: case-control study and literature review].

  title={[Headache in Behçet's disease: case-control study and literature review].},
  author={Stefania Volpinari and Chiara Monaldini and Jay Guido Capone and Andrea Lo Monaco and Renato la Corte and Francesco Trotta and Marcello Govoni},
  volume={61 3},
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the prevalence of headache and its different patterns in patients with Behçet's disease (BD) with and without neurological involvement and to investigate clinical correlations. METHODS Patients fulfilling the International Study Group criteria for Behçet disease (ISGc) were studied. Patients were invited to fill a "headache questionnaire", which consisted of two sections: the first one included demographic and anamnestic data, family history for both headache and BD… CONTINUE READING

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