[Head injuries from falls in children of 2 ethnic groups].

  title={[Head injuries from falls in children of 2 ethnic groups].},
  author={Leon Levi and A Istaitih and Hana Geva and Moshe Michaelson and Joseph N. Guilburd and Moshe Feinsod},
  volume={129 1-2},
  pages={9-12, 80, 79}
The highly prevalent problem of falls, the main cause of head injury in children, responds to preventive intervention. To aid in designing fall-prevention programs, we defined the pre- and post-hospitalization characteristics of children of 2 predominant Israeli ethnic groups: Jews (Group A) and non-Jews (Group B). In a prospective study conducted over a 10-month period in our emergency room during the morning shift, data from 274 patients aged 0-14 who presented with head injury due to a fall… CONTINUE READING

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