[Hairy-cell leukemia: 30 cases and a review of the literature].

  title={[Hairy-cell leukemia: 30 cases and a review of the literature].},
  author={Jean-Val{\`e}re Malfuson and Olivier Gisserot and Serge Cr{\'e}mades and Kamal Doghmi and Thierry Fagot and Bertrand Souleau and Thierry de Revel and Jean-Pierre de Jaur{\'e}guiberry and G{\'e}rard Nedellec},
  journal={Annales de medecine interne},
  volume={154 7},
From 1978 to 2002, 30 patients presenting hairy-cell leukemia were seen in two different hospitals. We reviewed clinical, biological and therapeutic data. At diagnosis, the median age was 67.8 years; 47% were clinically asymptomatic, 12 patients had anaemia, 15 thrombocytopenia (platelets<100,000/mm3). A treatment was required for 29 patients. At the end of the study, 27 patients are alive and none died because of the disease. This study confirms the good prognosis of hairy-cell leukemia… CONTINUE READING