[Guideline for the treatment of Hansen's disease in Japan (Second edition)].

  title={[Guideline for the treatment of Hansen's disease in Japan (Second edition)].},
  author={Masamichi Goto and Reiko Nogami and Kentaro Hatano and Yoshiko Okano and Norihisa Ishii and Masaichi Gidoh and Yutaka Ishida and Motoaki Ozaki},
  journal={Nihon Hansenbyo Gakkai zasshi = Japanese journal of leprosy : official organ of the Japanese Leprosy Association},
  volume={75 3},
ad hoc committee of Japanese Leprosy Association recommends revised standard treatment protocol of leprosy in Japan, which is a modification of World Health Organization's multidrug therapy (WHO/MDT, 1997). For paucibacillary (PB) leprosy, 6 months treatment by rifampicin and dapsone (MDT/PB) is enough. However, for high bacterial load multibacillary (MB) leprosy, 12 months treatment seems insufficient. Thus, (A) For MB with bacterial index (BI) > or = 3 before treatment, 2 years treatment by… CONTINUE READING