[Glyoxalase I (GLO) in human tissues (author's transl)].

  title={[Glyoxalase I (GLO) in human tissues (author's transl)].},
  author={P. St{\"o}hlmacher and W. Haferland},
  journal={Zeitschrift fur Rechtsmedizin. Journal of legal medicine},
  volume={85 3},
In 49 autopsies (23 samples of tissue per case--skin, skeletal muscle, cerebrum, cerebellum, tongue, tonsil, submandibular gland, thyroid gland, lymph node, lung, heart, stomach, small and large intestine, liver, spleen, suprarenal gland, kidney, prostate, testicle, uterus, uterusleiomyoma and bone marrow) identical GLO phenotypes with analogous blood… CONTINUE READING