[Genotoxicity of a standardized Hypericum extract].

  title={[Genotoxicity of a standardized Hypericum extract].},
  author={Samuel N. Okpanyi and H Lidzba and Bruno Scholl and Herbert Georg Miltenburger},
  volume={40 8},
St. John's wort (Hypercum perforatum) contains hypericin and hypericin-like substances as well as flavonoids, of which particularly Quercetin has generated a wide-spread controversial discussion with respect to mutagenic action. The genotoxicity of a standardized aqueous ethanolic Hypericum extract (Hypericum extract Steigerwald, Psychotonin M) was verified in different in-vivo and in-vitro testsystems with mammalian cells. The in-vitro investigations were performed with the HGPRT (hypoxanthine… CONTINUE READING

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