[Genetic-epidemiologic analysis of uterine myoma: assessment of repeated risk].

  title={[Genetic-epidemiologic analysis of uterine myoma: assessment of repeated risk].},
  author={M Kh Kurbanova and A G Koroleva and A. S. Sergeev},
  volume={25 10},
The results of myoma uteri family analysis are presented. Average estimates of family risks were: 26.6% for proband's sisters, 19.73% for proband's daughters (up to 44-years-old), 15.81% for proband's mothers. The estimate of heritability of the disease calculated according to the sibs data was 0.792 +/- 0.018, which points to the essential role of hereditary factors in the development of myoma uteri. The table of recurrence risk was calculated on the basis of the data obtained which may be… CONTINUE READING

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