[Gamma Knife surgery for VII nerve schwannomas].

  title={[Gamma Knife surgery for VII nerve schwannomas].},
  author={D Mdarhri and A. Touzani and Manabu Tamura and Jean R{\'e}gis},
  volume={50 2-3 Pt 2},
RATIONALE Radical resection of VII nerve schwannomas classically implies a high risk of severe facial palsy. Due to the rarity of facial palsy after Gamma Knife surgery (GKS) of vestibular schwannomas the evaluation of GKS in this specific difficult group of patient appears rational. We have found no similar evaluation in the literature. METHOD Among 1.000 schwannomas of the cerebello-pontine angle operated in Marseilles, France between July 1992 and March 2003, 9 have been diagnosed as… CONTINUE READING