[Gallbladder calculi: what therapy of choice?].

  title={[Gallbladder calculi: what therapy of choice?].},
  author={C. Lunghi and Lanfranco Belloni and Fariba Nehchiri and Carlo Ballarini and F Prestipino and G Demurtas and P. Insalaco and Z Malacarne and Maurizio Pagani and Filippo Galimberti},
  journal={Minerva chirurgica},
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The Authors have analyzed all different methods for the treatment of gallbladder stones which are performed today: the non invasive treatment of the gallstones (oral dissolution therapy and the extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy), the minimally invasive procedures (contact dissolution therapy and the cholecystolithotomy) and at the end the new surgical techniques (the "minicholecystectomy" and the laparoscopic cholecystectomy). From this study and their experience, based upon 1346 standard… CONTINUE READING