[Functional properties of mesquite bean protein (Prosopis juliflora)].


A protein concentrate was prepared from whole mesquite bean (Prosopis juliflora) to evaluate and characterize its functional properties; solubility index, effects of moist heat on its solubility, water sorption, fat absorption, foaming capability and foam stability, emulsifying capacity, viscosity and the effects of NaCl and temperature on some of these… (More)


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@article{HolmquistDonquis1997FunctionalPO, title={[Functional properties of mesquite bean protein (Prosopis juliflora)].}, author={I Holmquist-Donquis and G Ru{\'i}z de Rey}, journal={Archivos latinoamericanos de nutricion}, year={1997}, volume={47 4}, pages={343-51} }