[Function imaging of the hippocampus in Korsakoff's syndrome].

  title={[Function imaging of the hippocampus in Korsakoff's syndrome].},
  author={Bernard Lechevalier and A M Aup{\'e}e and Vincent de la Sayette and Francis Eustache and J. C. Baron},
  journal={Bulletin de l'Academie nationale de medecine},
  volume={184 7},
A case of alcoholic Korsakoff syndrome is reported in a 47 year-old-man. Neuropsychological examination revealed an important both anterograd and retrograd amnesia but procedural and short-term memory were not affected nor was intellectual capacity. Cerebral IRM was normal. Pet scan demonstrated a previously unsuspected fact: the diminution of glucose metabolism in the two hippocampus and in the mamillary bodies.