[Function analysis of a wheat phosphate transporter in yeast mutant].

  title={[Function analysis of a wheat phosphate transporter in yeast mutant].},
  author={Y Zeng and Jia Ying and Jian-Zhong Liu and Jian-Hua Sun and Bin Li and Hua-Shan Xiao and Z. Li},
  journal={Yi chuan xue bao = Acta genetica Sinica},
  volume={29 11},
Phosphorus is a major nutrient acquired by plants and phosphorus availability is considered one of the major growth-limiting factors for plants in many natural ecosystems. For a better understanding of the function of the wheat phosphorus transporter gene named TaPT2, we did Southern blot analysis and studied its function with complementation test in yeast mutant strain MB192. Southern blot indicated that TaPT2 gene is a low-copy member and has several different members in wheat genome. In the… CONTINUE READING

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