[Four patients with mucormycosis in a postoperative recovery unit].

  title={[Four patients with mucormycosis in a postoperative recovery unit].},
  author={J P Mac{\'i}as Pingar r{\'o}n and E del Cojo Peces and D Zambrano Casta{\~n}o and M D Torrado Criado and J Maria Jim{\'e}nez Vizuete},
  journal={Revista espanola de anestesiologia y reanimacion},
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Mucormycosis, a rare opportunistic infection caused by fungi belonging to the Mucorales order, is a potentially fatal disease. We describe 4 patients with mucormycosis. Risk factors (chronic renal insufficiency and chronic lung disease treated with corticosteroids) were identified for 2 of the patients who did not respond favorably to appropriate surgical and medical treatment. Of the 2 remaining patients, only the one with milder disease responded to treatment. The prognosis for this… CONTINUE READING