[Four cases of true hermaphroditism].

  title={[Four cases of true hermaphroditism].},
  author={Kenji Sano and Kazuo Terashima and Yuji Tanaka and Yasunari Sasaki},
  journal={Hinyokika kiyo. Acta urologica Japonica},
  volume={41 1},
We report four cases of true hermaphroditism. The first patient (legal sex female, karyotype of 46, XX/46, XY, bilateral ovotestis) was changed to a male at 2 years old. The second patient (karyotype of 46,XX/47, XXY/48, XXYY, hypospadia, and right undescended testis) was referred to us at 6 months old, and turned out to have a uterus, an ovary on the left… CONTINUE READING