[Formation of interpolymer complexes with human seminal plasma proteins].

  title={[Formation of interpolymer complexes with human seminal plasma proteins].},
  author={Aleksandr Nikolaev and N I Anshakova and S A Altukhov},
  journal={Voprosy meditsinskoi khimii},
  volume={36 4},
Formation of interpolymeric complexes was studied involving human lactoferrin, prostate beta-globulin, specific acid phosphatase and polymers of various nature: polysaccharides--heparin, dextran sulfate; polylysine-16; proteins--human albumin, equine hemoglobin, gelatin, protamine. Immunoelectrophoresis proved to be a sensitive procedure to register the interpolymeric complexes formed. Electrophoretic mobility of lactoferrin and prostatic beta-globulin was most distinctly altered. Mechanisms of… CONTINUE READING

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