[Fluorescence lifetime measurement based on different pump waveform].

  title={[Fluorescence lifetime measurement based on different pump waveform].},
  author={Xiu-jun Huang and Jian-guo Chen and Guo-ying Feng and Li-ling Yang and Guo-liang Deng and Xiao-jun Tang and Shou-huan Zhou},
  journal={Guang pu xue yu guang pu fen xi = Guang pu},
  volume={30 11},
The present paper analyzes the different pump wave theory under the fluorescence decay law, and presents a different pump wave measured fluorescence lifetime of the new method-double-pulse detection method, namely the use of pump pulse and probe pulse for the fluorescence decay methods to measure fluorescence lifetime. By measuring the sample neodymium glass and Cr:ZnSe crystal fluorescence lifetime, results showed that: using this method can be achieved under different pump wave in visible and… CONTINUE READING