[Flow cytophotometry and cell cycle analysis].

  title={[Flow cytophotometry and cell cycle analysis].},
  author={Hollis Krug},
  journal={Acta histochemica. Supplementband},
  • Hollis Krug
  • Published 1983 in Acta histochemica. Supplementband
By flow cytophotometry it is possible to obtain a DNA frequency distribution of cell nuclei. The curve is the result of the superposition from the 3 compartments: G0 + G1, S and G2 + M. Basing on a model, published formerly we simulated curves with different parameters. For our model we made the following assumptions: The G1- and the G2-peak are log-normal Gaussian distributions with the same coefficient of variation. The superposition of the 3 compartments is made after logarithmic… CONTINUE READING