[Fibrinogen metabolism in congestive circulatory insufficiency].

  title={[Fibrinogen metabolism in congestive circulatory insufficiency].},
  author={Iu B Belousov and A L Sidorskiĭ and F. I. Abazova and M P Savenkov},
  volume={17 12},
Using 125I-labelled fibrinogen the metabolism of this protein was studied in 29 patients with II-III stage congestive circulatory insufficiency due to ischemic heart disease and rheumatic heart diseases. It was established that with the progression of circulatory insufficiency fibrinogen half-life increased. The body content of total fibrinogen increased with the gradual intensification of circulatory insufficiency due to growth of the extravascular (noncirculating) fraction. The growth is… CONTINUE READING