[Feet dermatophytosis in soccer players].

  title={[Feet dermatophytosis in soccer players].},
  author={K{\'a}tia Sheylla Malta Purim and Camila Fernanda Novak Pinheiro de Freitas and Neiva Leite},
  journal={Anais brasileiros de dermatologia},
  volume={84 5},
Athletes present risk of cutaneous mycosis. A study was carried out with 23 soccer players using clinical and mycological examination (direct microscopic examination and culture) and nail clipping. Eighteen (78.26%) did not present mycosis; two (8.70%) presented tinea pedis, and three (13.04%) presented onychomycosis associated to tinea pedis, mainly for Trichophyton mentagrophytes. Infected tinea pedis has produced cellulitis in one of the athletes. It is necessary to create an educative… CONTINUE READING