[Fangotherapy in chronic degenerative rheumatic diseases].

  title={[Fangotherapy in chronic degenerative rheumatic diseases].},
  author={Mario Grassi and Maria Cristina Lucchetta and Giovam Battista Rini and Salvatore Raffa},
  journal={La Clinica terapeutica},
  volume={154 1},
The authors remind the historical role of the mud-therapy in the care of chronic degenerative rheumoartrhopaties, namely osteoarthritis. The main researches belong activity of muds on plasmatic hormones, cytokines, endorphins; a great deal of care is devoted to evaluation of efficacy of mud therapy and relating end points. The clinic outcomes of mud therapy, namely in osteoarthritis patients, were referred. Altogether the studies stress the employ of mud therapy in the treatment of… CONTINUE READING