[Familial posterior cortical atrophy with visual agnosia and Bálint's syndrome].

  title={[Familial posterior cortical atrophy with visual agnosia and B{\'a}lint's syndrome].},
  author={Mika Otsuki and Yoshiaki Soma and Masahito Tanaka and Koutaro Tanaka and Yoshihiro Tanno and Yumiko Uesugi and Shoji Tsuji},
  journal={No to shinkei = Brain and nerve},
  volume={47 12},
We report a patient of posterior cortical atrophy with progressive visual agnosia, Bálint's syndrome and dementia in which posterior cortical atrophy with similar characteristics on CT and progressive dementia were found in a sister. The patient was a 75-year-old woman who noted the onset of a progressive visual disorder at the age of 70, and whose family first noticed disoriented behavior at around the same period. Ophthalmologic examinations revealed mild cataract but no evidence of… CONTINUE READING