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[Factors inducing clinical symptoms of acute hepatic porphyria 1986-1990].

  title={[Factors inducing clinical symptoms of acute hepatic porphyria 1986-1990].},
  author={S. Tarczyńska-Nosal and M. Ekiert and E. Kostrzewska},
  journal={Acta haematologica Polonica},
  volume={22 1},
The most frequent cause of porphyria attacks in this time period were drugs used in symptomatic treatment (in 69 out of 195 cases). In 42 women attacks were induced by sex hormone disturbances, in 21 cases by contact with paints and lacquer in 7 by alcohol and in 3 by calorie deficiencies. The main cause of porphyria attacks in carriers of this metabolic error is lack of porphyria considering in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pains, polyneuropathy and vague mental disorders, which… Expand
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Concentration of porphyrins in rat liver and kidneys repeated administration of hexabromobenzene and tetrabromobisphenol-A
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