[FIO2 and SpO2 during cardiac surgery in neonates and infants].

  title={[FIO2 and SpO2 during cardiac surgery in neonates and infants].},
  author={Keiko Kinouchi and Tomomi Nishida and Kunihiko Azuma and Yasuhiko Ohashi and Yuji Takauchi and Kazuo Fukumitsu and Chikara Tashiro and H. K. Kishimoto},
  journal={Masui. The Japanese journal of anesthesiology},
  volume={43 6},
Fractional inspired oxygen (FIO2) applied before and after a repair or palliative procedure for cardiac defects along with SpO2 measured by pulse oximeter were reviewed from anesthetic records of 62 neonates and infants. Fentanyl was used for anesthesia, except in cases without i.v. route in which sevoflurane with nitrous oxide in oxygen was used for induction of anesthesia. FIO2 was adjusted using air and oxygen. The lower FIO2 was applied to the patients for a closure of ventricular septal… CONTINUE READING