[Eye burns in children and adolescents].


The authors present a material of 91 eyes in 66 children aged 2 days to 16 years, who sustained burns of the eyes. Fifty one eyes (1st group) was burned by thermal or chemical means, mainly by lime; 40 eyes (2d group) sustained chemico-mechanical injuries caused by explosions of petards or miner's detonators. Bilaterality of the injuries was seen in 50 p.c… (More)


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@article{KoraszewskaMatuszewska1992EyeBI, title={[Eye burns in children and adolescents].}, author={Bronisława Koraszewska-Matuszewska and Elzbieta Samochowiec-Donocik and Monika A. Papież}, journal={Klinika oczna}, year={1992}, volume={94 4}, pages={103-5} }