[Exploration of infertility: correlation hysterography hysteroscopy].

  title={[Exploration of infertility: correlation hysterography hysteroscopy].},
  author={Mourali Mechhal and Jihene Ben Aoun and Najeh Hcini and Anissa Gharsa and Seddik Oueslati and Naoufel Binous and Mounira Chaab{\`e}ne},
  journal={La Tunisie medicale},
  volume={90 6},
BACKGROUND In literature, a uterine lesion in found in half of the infertile women. AIM To compare the results of the hysteroscopy and the hysterosalpingography in the study of the uterine cavity as exploration of feminine infertility. METHODS Retrospective study, over a period of four years from 1 January 2005 to 31 December 2008 however, on 140 cases of infertile patients explored in the gynecology obstetrics department in Mahmoud El Matri hospital. RESULTS Compared with hysteroscopy… CONTINUE READING