[Experimental study on transplantation inside and outside tendon sheath].

  title={[Experimental study on transplantation inside and outside tendon sheath].},
  author={Bing Hu and Yong-quan Gu},
  journal={Zhonghua wai ke za zhi [Chinese journal of surgery]},
  volume={33 9},
The range of motion of PIP and morphological changes of tendon grafts were studied after inside outside tendon sheath grafting in rabbits. It was found that the inside tendon sheath grafting together with early postoperative mobilization healed without adhesion, and most of the cells remained viable. After outside tendon sheath grafting, the tendon cells proliferated with extensive adhesions. The range of PIP motion was greater after inside tendon sheath grafting than that after outside tendon… CONTINUE READING

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