[Experimental studies of new Polish hydrogel dressing materials HDR].

  title={[Experimental studies of new Polish hydrogel dressing materials HDR].},
  author={Danuta Paluch and Jolanta Staniszewska-Kuś and Maria Szymonowicz and Leszek Solski},
  journal={Polimery w medycynie},
  volume={21 1-2},
Recently the spectrum of dressings was enriched, incorporating the so-called hydrogel dressing, made by Geistlich Sons Ltd. and Byk Goldbin-Konstanz referred to as "Geliperm". In Poland, HDR hydrogel dressings' technology was launched by Institute of Radiative Technology, Lódź+ Polytechnic. This type of dressing is obtained by radiative cross-linking of hydrophilic polymers. The experimental studies of the new Polish hydrogel materials were accomplished at the Department of Experimental Surgery… CONTINUE READING

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