[Experimental infection of horses with Trichina larvae].

  title={[Experimental infection of horses with Trichina larvae].},
  author={Silvio Pampiglione and Raffaella Baldelli and Chiara Antonia Corsini and St{\'e}phane Mari and Adriano Mantovani},
  volume={20 1-3},
The occurrence of a trichinellosis epidemic in the province of Reggio Emilia in 1975, the source of which was attributed to horse meat, led the authors to use this animal for experimental infections. By using the trichina strain isolated from the above outbreak, 4 horses were infected orally. All 4 animals became infected. The most affected muscles were the lingual, masticatory and neck ones. Meat from the 4 horses was subsequently fed to laboratory animals (rats, mice, guineapigs) and other… CONTINUE READING