[Experimental examinations of heat expansion of Ni/Cr alloys].


On the base of experimental dilatometric investigations the thermal expansion behaviour of the Ni-Cri-based alloys Gisadent NCA, Gisadent NCS 1, Mikrostom-1, Wiron 77 and Wiron 88 was tested and the expansion coeffizient and the solid shrinkage determinated. The results are discussed referable to the compatibility metal/ceramic and in connection with the… (More)


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@article{Gehre1989ExperimentalEO, title={[Experimental examinations of heat expansion of Ni/Cr alloys].}, author={G Gehre and K Dobies and Christel H{\"a}ssler and W Krocin}, journal={Stomatologie der DDR}, year={1989}, volume={39 4}, pages={258-62} }