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[Evaluation of immunostimulating agents used in pulmonologic practice].

  title={[Evaluation of immunostimulating agents used in pulmonologic practice].},
  author={K. Kis'ova and Z. Zlatanov and M. Peneva and K. Iankov and A. Tsonev},
  journal={Vutreshni bolesti},
  volume={28 3},
Several immunostimulating drugs--levamisole (decaris), Gamma-A, dipyridamole (Antistenocardin), Respivax--were included in the treatment of 161 patients with frequently recurring chronic nonspecific lung diseases and data for suppression of various components of the immune system. Levamisole and Respivax show marked antirelapse efficacy in chronic lung diseases. Gamma-A has a certain immunosubstituent action, dipyridamole exerts a moderate antirelapse action.