[Evaluation of digital nerve sensitivity following reconstruction].


1. In the reconstruction of nerves suture and autogenous grafts are employed in a complementary way. 2. The action potential of sensory nerves does not seem to be an objective parameter to evaluate the results. 3. The Moberg-test detects deficits of the pinch. 4. Two-point-discrimination seems to be the most valid quantitative measurement for sensible… (More)


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@article{Greulich1977EvaluationOD, title={[Evaluation of digital nerve sensitivity following reconstruction].}, author={Melissa M. Greulich and K Riecker and Ulrich B Lanz and I Wollschl{\"a}ger}, journal={Chirurgisches Forum fur experimentelle und klinische Forschung}, year={1977}, pages={90-4} }