[Evaluation of aortic regurgitation by Doppler echocardiography].

  title={[Evaluation of aortic regurgitation by Doppler echocardiography].},
  author={Satoshi Kibira and Tetsuji Miura and Yoshitaka Ikeda and G Terui and E Fushimi and Hideyuki Kimura and Yoshiki Kyo and Hirokazu Murayama and Akira Nakagomi and H Kousokabe},
  journal={Journal of cardiology. Supplement},
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To establish a method for evaluating aortic regurgitation (AR) using Doppler echocardiography, we studied 104 patients who were classified according to aortographic grading (Sellers). The severity of the AR was graded by measuring the length of AR jet within the left ventricle by pulsed Doppler mapping (mapping method) or by two-dimensional color Doppler… CONTINUE READING