[Ethical conflicts in health care for adolescents].

  title={[Ethical conflicts in health care for adolescents].},
  author={Stella Regina Taquette and Mar{\'i}lia Mello de Vilhena and Mariana Maur{\'i}cio Silva and M{\^o}nica Pereira Vale},
  journal={Cadernos de saude publica},
  volume={21 6},
The goal of this research was to identify ethically conflicting situations experienced by health professionals during health appointments with adolescents in order to create a protocol for action to help professionals make decisions and to protect the clients. The study used an observational cross-sectional method through interviews with health professionals at the Center for Studies on Adolescent Health, Rio de Janeiro State University, to obtain data from cases involving bioethical, ethical… CONTINUE READING

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