[Estimate of cancer incidence in Italian regions, 2001].


AIM The purpose of the present paper is to calculate cancer incidence estimates in the italian regions for the year 2001. DESIGN Estimates are computed according to the mortality/incidence (M/I) ratio method. Observed data were from Italian areas covered by cancer registration and recently published by Cancer Registries Network (1993-1998), by the Italian… (More)


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@article{Rosso2004EstimateOC, title={[Estimate of cancer incidence in Italian regions, 2001].}, author={Stefano Rosso and Alessandra Spitale and Daniela Balzi and Silvia Franceschi and R. A. Zanetti}, journal={Epidemiologia e prevenzione}, year={2004}, volume={28 4-5}, pages={247-57} }