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[Eremomycin in the treatment of antibiotic-associated colitis in golden hamsters].

  title={[Eremomycin in the treatment of antibiotic-associated colitis in golden hamsters].},
  author={A A Rukhlina and L. A. Malkova and L A Shevniuk and T. V. Fomina and V. M. Bukhman and V M Koroleva and IS Bakulin and T. I. Sergeeva},
  journal={Antibiotiki i khimioterapiia = Antibiotics and chemoterapy [sic]},
  volume={37 3},
The efficacy of eremomycin, a new glycopeptide antibiotic, was studied on a model of antibiotic-associated colitis in golden hamsters. The colitis was induced by intraperitoneal or intragastric administration of lincomycin. In a dose of 100 mg/kg administered orally once a day for 5 days eremomycin protected the animals from the lincomycin-induced colitis: some animals survived, the others died in later periods. When the animals were infected with a pathogenetic strain of Clostridium difficile… 
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